Manitoba Hydro is planning to erect two additional 230kv lines in the hydro corridor.  They have started a public consultation process and are preparing an assessment which will be tabled with government for their approval.  The SCRA has met with hydro and expressed our concerns and we want all options explored.  We are also working closely with elected officials to ensure our concerns are dealt with.

We have heard a lot of feedback from our fellow residents regarding this proposed project.  The SCRA is acting on this and has taken a position opposing the proposed overland hydro expansion, recommending instead that the lines be buried.  The SCRA has taken a number of steps to communicate our position and concerns.

Update - July 28, 2014

A number of residents have reached out to the SCRA asking how they could get involved.  A small group got together to discuss research and what a reasonable course of action would be going forward.  It has been brought to our attention that the option most recently presented to the SCRA, maximum two lines between Warde and Edward Turner, was not the whole story.  It turns out that while there would initially be two lines, Hydro reserves the right to add a third line at a later date.  Our position continues to be to advocate for a solution that would minimize the impact on the community.

Manitoba Hydro has applied to Manitoba Conservation and Water Stewardship's (CWS) Environmental Approvals Branch for the approval to proceed. Here is an excerpt from CWS on the process if there is opposition to the project:

Anyone likely to be affected by the above operation and who wishes to make a representation either for or against the proposal should contact the Department, in writing or by E-mail , not later than August 5, 2014.  Further information is available from the Public Registries located at: Legislative Library, 200 Vaughan St., Winnipeg; Millennium Public Library, 4th Floor, 251 Donald St., Winnipeg; Online Registry, http.// or by contacting Elise Dagdick,  Environment Officer at 204-619-0709.

The SCRA, and other concerned members of the community, believe that there are additional options that should be considered before moving forward.  While our preference will always be to have the lines buried, there are still other options that have not been discussed with the community.  In Oregon, the community was presented with a similar situation - an existing 115kV line with the plan to add two additional 230 kV lines.  The community was not pleased with the additional towers and worked with the utility company and arrived at a solution which had all the lines running on one set of towers.




This is just an example of one solution that hasn't been discussed with the community.  Please message CWS by August 5, 2014 to indicate your opposition to the proposed project. There are additional options that have yet to be explored and we would ask that Hydro not rush into this, but that they work with the community to arrive at a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

In addition to emailing CWS, here is the contact information for a number of other stakeholders:

Premier Greg Selinger -

Email -

Phone: 204-945-3714

Minister Stan Struthers - Minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro

Email -

Phone: 204-945-3788

Minister Erin Selby - MLA for Sage Creek

Email -

Phone: 204-945-3731

Minister Gord Mackintosh - Minister responsible for Conservation and Water Stewardship

Email -

Phone: 204-945-3730

Update - April 30, 2014

Minister Erin Selby met with the SCRA to advise the group of a development regarding the Hydro lines.  She advised us that she had been working with Minister Stan Struthers and Manitoba on a compromise for our consideration.  The compromise was that instead of 4 lines running through Sage Creek, there would be two, and never any more than that.

She showed us a proposal which would have 3 lines running into Sage Creek from the Hydro Station on Lagimodiere and would be reduced to 2 lines at Edward Turner Drive.  It would continue as 2 lines until Warde Avenue, where it would split into 3 lines.

The SCRA is happy that the dialogue is trending in a positive direction and looks forward to a continued dialogue between all stakeholders. The SCRA will keep the community apprised of the next steps.

 I was only able to take a picture of the handout.  I apologize for the quality of the image.

I was only able to take a picture of the handout.  I apologize for the quality of the image.

Steps Taken as of February 10, 2014

  • SCRA met with Minister Stan Struthers, the VP of Manitoba Hydro and one of their experts in Electromagnetic Fields. Both sides presented their position and while no decisions were made, both sides agreed to continue the dialogue.  The SCRA will continue to represent the interests of the community and looks forward to engaging all levels of government throughout the upcoming months to arrive at a mutually beneficial solution.
  • The SCRA provided hundreds of articles supporting our position.  These articles included health studies, cost studies, the position of other jurisdictions, and studies from the World Heath Organization.
  • Over 350 people have signed the petition.  Those in favor of the actions identified in the petition are asked to sign it and share it with family and friends.
  • Motion passed by the City of Winnipeg Executive Policy Committee (EPC) to have Manitoba Hydro submit a written estimate, outlining the cost break-down of burying the lines.  This occurred February 5, 2014.
  • Petition indication the community's oposition to the ovrland lines.  The petition can be viewed here: 

Next Steps

  • Hydro has committed to providing the SCRA with cost information as well as some research they had brought to the meeting.
  • There will subsequent meetings arranged once the SCRA has had an opportunity to discuss the most recent meeting with Manitoba Hydro.

Steps Taken as of December 19, 2013

  • Meetings were held with
    • Shelly Glover, MP
    • Erin Selby, MLA
    • Dan Vandal, City Councillor
    • Qualico
    • Manitoba Hydro
  • Communications were sent to:
    • All parties listed above.
    • Gord Mackintosh - Conservation Minister
    • Ron R. Schuler - Manitoba Hydro Critic

Next Steps:

  • Meeting to be arranged between SCRA and Stan Struthers (Minister responsible for Manitoba Hydro).
  • Petition created indicating our opposition to the overland lines. We will be proposing that they be buried.
  • Dan Vandal has agreed to table a motion at the next ward meeting in early January asking that Manitoba Hydro provide a written proposal for the costs of burying the lines.

The SCRA will continue to keep you apprised of our activities related to this and we are always happy to hear from you.

The email below is the email for the Hydro project team at Manitoba Hydro.