Do you operate a business in Sage Creek’s commercial section?

Do you operate a business outside of Sage Creek that services our residents?

Do you have a home-based business in Sage Creek?

Are you looking for a way to increase clientele and promote your business within the community?


The SCRA would like to partner with you!


We are looking for businesses willing to partner with us to provide discounts on services and merchandise for Sage Creek residents holding a valid SCRA Membership.


What is a SCRA Membership

As an association, we sell memberships for $10 per household. Currently, a membership allows a household to vote in our AGM. We would like to partner with local Sage Creek businesses to offer incentives beyond voting privileges for purchase of a membership.


Why does the SCRA sell memberships?

We are a non-profit organization; however, we incur expenses and fundraise for projects. Some of our expenses include:

·         Hosting the AGM

·         Annual Audit

·         Publication and Delivery of the SCRA Newsletter

·         Social Events

Although we do carry out some fundraising activities, we need money to operate the association and the membership fee will offset some of our expenses.


How will partnering with the SCRA benefit my business?

Partnering with the SCRA will benefit your business through regular mention in our newsletters and on our Facebook page. Each year, an email will be directly sent to membership holders which will list all businesses in partnership with SCRA. In turn, this free advertising will lead to more clientele for your services!


What is my commitment if I decide to partner with the SCRA?

The commitment of a business willing to partner with SCRA is determined by the business owner and/or manager.  An example might be a one-time discount on merchandise or services. Be creative! We encourage you to think outside the box!


How will I know someone is a SCRA Member?

All community members who have paid their membership fee for the current year will receive a SCRA Membership Card with their name, the president’s signature and an expiration date.


Where can I inquire about setting up a partnership with the SCRA?

To find an application to be a SCRA Business Partner, visit our web site at:







Or contact Dawn Thompson, Membership Chair by email at:


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