If you operate a business in Sage Creek or nearby that offers a service or merchandise to our residents, please consider becoming a business partner of the Sage Creek Residents’ Association! We are looking for businesses willing to provide discounts on services and merchandise for Sage Creek residents holding a valid SCRA Household Membership. Partnering with the SCRA is a great way to increase your clientele and promote your business within the community of Sage Creek free of charge!

How will partnering with the SCRA benefit my business?

Partnering with the SCRA will benefit your business through regular mention in our newsletters and on our social media accounts (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter). We also provide all of our household membership holders with the list of SCRA business partners. As well, we always post our business partnership list here on our website!

What is my commitment if I decide to partner with the SCRA?

Your commitment as the business is to provide a special offer to the SCRA Household Membership holders of Sage Creek.  An example might be a discount on merchandise or services!

How will I know someone is a SCRA Member?

All community members who have paid their membership fee for the current year will receive a SCRA Membership Card with their name, the president’s signature and an expiration date.