April 26, 2016 - Content taken from LRSD website 


As you may have heard, we held our first official École Sage Creek School Parent Working Group meeting on Wednesday, April 6th.  Please click here for more information related to that meeting.  As previousy shared, the next steps for our Parent Working Group include:

  • Firstly: Meeting to discuss and determine the PAC's mission statement therefore answering "What will be our purpose?".
  • Secondly: Working on our constitution.  It was made clear to us that the constitution will be our "rules of engagement" therefore a lot of thought must go into ensuring that it is clear and precise. We also agreed that we should create two subcommittees:
    • a "writing" subcommittee: a smaller subcommittee tasked with looking at sample PAC constitutions and creating a draft for the different sections of our future constitution.
    • a "reviewing" subcommittee: a larger subcommittee tasked with looking at sample constitutions as well as the "writing" subcommittee's draft constitution.  Our "reviewing" subcommittee will then provide feedback and suggestions to the "writing" committee to help improve and finalize our future document.

If you would like to a part of the discussions related to our PAC's mission/purpose, please mark your calendars for 6:30 pm on Tuesday, May 3rd and plan on attending the meeting at the LRSD Board Office (900 St. Mary's Road).  To help us better plan for the meeting, please RSVP by emailing marc.poirie@lrsd.net or by calling (204) 257-7827 (Ext 306).  

March 7, 2016 - Content taken from the LRSD Website:

As you may know, schools have one form or another of a Parent Advisory Council (PAC); a council or committee that helps to involve and engage parents in their school community.  Two of the many examples of the roles of a PAC include: offering parental voice to the school and acting as a support system for the school in a variety of ways.  Some specific examples can include: participating on school and divisional planning, offering various committees (ex: organizing events such as "hot lunch", family nights and movie nights, etc.), fundraising, etc.

One of the first steps of establishing a PAC is by discussing and deciding on its purpose.  One of the best ways to accomplish this important task is by establishing the PAC's constitution.  Although École Sage Creek School is set to open in over a year (in September 2017), we would like to initiate the process related to establishing its great PAC.  With this in mind, we've invited Naomi Kruse, Executive Director and Advocacy Project Coordinator at Manitoba Association of Parent Councils (MAPC), to an initial meeting.  Some of the agenda items will include:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • What is MAPC and why it is a useful resource
  • The roles and responsibilities of a PAC
  • Involving and engaging parents as volunteers and school community supporters
  • What have we done and what are the next steps? The importance of establishing the PAC's Constitution.

If you would like to be part of the École Sage Creek School's Interim Parent Working Committee to help establish its PAC's Constitution, we would like to invite you to our initial meeting in the Norwood Room at the Louis Riel School Division Board Office (900 St.Mary's Road) at 6:30 pm on April 6th, 2016.  To confirm your attendance and to help us better plan for this meeting, please email me, Marc Poirier (École Sage Creek School's principal) at marc.poirier@lrsd.net.  Please note that if you are not able to participate on the "Constitution Working Committee", you will certainly still be able to participate on the École Sage Creek School's PAC, once it is established.  If you have any questions please contact me at marc.poirier@lrsd.net or at (204) 257-7827 (Ext 306).  I look forward to meeting and working with you!



The SCRA has been working closely with the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD).  Some of you may have had the opportunity to speak with school officials at a recent open house held by Qualico in March.  For those of you who weren’t able to make it, here is a summary of where the project is at:

  • An announcement was made by the Manitoba Government to build a kindergarten – grade 8 dual-track school for the community. 

  • The design tender was awarded to Number 10 Architect Group in the fall of 2013.

  • Construction started in the summer of 2015 and it is anticipated that it will be completed by July 2017, in advance of the 2017/18 school year.

  • LRSD has received proposals for the daycare and is currently interviewing the potential vendors.  A decision is anticipated to be made in the fall of 2015.

  • The school will incorporate green features, latest in school design architecture, advanced technology, makers classrooms (new term for home economics and industrial arts), a daycare, and landscaping which ties in with the themes of the community.

  • Here is a link to the presentation about the new school given by LRSD on September 16, 2014.

  • https://www.lrsd.net/School/sage-creek-updates/Documents/Community%20Meeting%20September%2016%202014%20Number%20TEN%20Power%20Point.pdf

 This is a design that has yet to be approved by the Public Schools Finance Board.

This is a design that has yet to be approved by the Public Schools Finance Board.



Many parents relying public transportation have expressed concerns over the existing services in Sage Creek.  The SCRA has raised this issue with all levels of government, including the LRSD.  It was raised, most recently, with the LRSD in a meeting between SCRA Board Members, School Trustees and LRSD Superintendent – Duane Brothers held in March 2014.

They acknowledge that there is an issue and have indicated that they are working with the city on a solution.  The SCRA will continue to keep the community informed of any progress being made in this area.

The School Committee has been hard at work, meeting with the LRSD to ensure that the views and interests of the community are well represented.

We will continue to post updates as they are made available to us.  Questions regarding the school can be directed to Jamie Gowryluk-Moniz.